8 Products That Make It Easier to Carry Multiple Suitcases and Bags at the Same Time

Who knew it was this easy to carry up to six suitcases at a time?

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8 Products That Make It Easier to Carry Multiple Suitcases and Bags at the Same Time

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If you feel like you’re constantly corralling runaway bags when you travel, consider this a sign to check out options to masterfully manage multiple pieces of luggage while barely lifting a finger. What if we told you you could carry thrice as many bags as you have hands — without burdening your shoulders or back?

We’ve done a hefty amount of research and stretched our creative problem-solving muscles to find the best items that’ll help you carry more luggage with less effort. We’ve made the list, checked it twice, and come up with eight solutions to level up your travel style, from connectable luggage sets to simple attachable hooks. Whether you’re headed out with the fam, or are on team overpacker every day, these picks will help you carry multiple suitcases like an absolute pro. 

This luggage set has a patented design for flawlessly connecting multiple luggage pieces. 

Some travelers may find the built-in packing-cube pockets to be limiting.

If you’re concerned about fiddling with straps and clips, consider this 3-piece nesting luggage set with patented connectivity capabilities that easily connect up to six suitcases at once. The durable hardside set includes a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch checked suitcase, and a 28-inch checked bag that can be used solo or connected together. These bags also go beyond standard features like double spinner wheels and TSA-approved locks by also offering built-in charging ports and a water bottle hook. Use the telescopic handle to glide from gate to gate or attach the included baggage strap to pull your load of connected luggage. Luggage connects via built-in fasteners on the sides and it only takes seconds to snap them together. While this luggage set is game-changing for large families and overpackers, we’re not huge fans of the built-in packing cube organizers. We’d rather have the flexibility to sort the interior organization on our own. Still, the price is right and the convenience of hassle-free connectability is unmatched. 

There’s a built-in feature that signals if your bag is overweight. 

The retractable luggage strap has a 15-pound weight limit. 

Béis The 29-inch Large Check-in Roller is a smartly stylish suitcase with a tough polycarbonate shell that excelled in our luggage tests. We appreciate how good this bag looks rolling beside us (in any of the 11 available colors), plus its added features like a TSA-approved double lock, smooth spinner wheels, two expandable inches of extra space, and a built-in weight indicator that turns red if the bag is over 50 pounds (the usual airline checked bag weight limit). 

However where this bag also sets itself apart is the handy retractable strap so another bag (up to 15 pounds) can be attached to the back. This ready-when-you-need-it, built-in feature is nothing new for Béis so you can also find it on a number of the brand’s suitcases, including The Carry-on Roller. No matter what size works best for you, this means your Beis luggage can carry a luggage-sleeve-equipped bag slipped over the telescopic handle and a second one looped onto the back, sparing your back and gifting you one empty hand. 

The two straps can be clipped together to make one large strap that can be used for larger pieces of luggage. 

You’ll need to balance the weight of your bags to keep everything from tipping over. 

If you only plan on occasionally traveling with multiple wheeled bags (or even just once), it is worth giving this Monochef Add a Bag Luggage Strap Set a look. It’s literally just two 1.5-inch straps that can easily be tossed into a box or the back of the closet when not in use. Each strap is adjustable with a maximum length of 22.4 inches, and you can even clip the straps together if you need more length for larger luggage. This strap connector works by threading the strap through the top luggage handles on suitcases (or the shoulder straps or grab handles of a carry-on bag) to create a loop for the second bag to hang down from. In terms of strap material, it’s like a thicker version of an adjustable backpack strap, and the plastic clip has a quick and easy pinch-and-release buckle. Each strap can hold up to 220 pounds of tension when fastened. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weight of the attached bag — if it’s more than the anchor bag, it’ll likely topple. 

The stretchy figure-eight design loops around your bag, so you don’t have to mess with clips or hooks. 

Your suitcase handle will need to be at least 12 inches long to keep the strap from slipping off. 

We don’t know about you, but we hate hauling around a bag while traveling — especially if we’re in a rush or if it’s a little weighty. Instead, we’d rather attach our backpack, purse, duffel, or tote to our wheeled luggage whenever possible — and the Guanjunx Add a Bag Elastic Strap Belt makes it a breeze to do so. This infinity-shaped luggage belt is perfect for getting a lumpy load off your shoulder or back and securing it to the top of your suitcase — no hooks or clips to struggle with — and it’s easier to use than a trolley sleeve. All you have to do is thread one end of the belt over your suitcase handle, stack your bag on top, wrap the belt around the front of the bag, and loop the other end over the suitcase handle. The X-shape of the belt works to provide extra security while holding your loose bag on top of your suitcase against the handle. That said, it won’t work if your luggage handle is shorter than 12 inches when fully extended.  

It folds up to store easily and also works as a moving dolly. 

The weight limit maxes out at 77 pounds, so you’ll need a good estimate of what your luggage weighs.

Is anyone else annoyed that most airports charge to use luggage carts? With the Mount It! Folding Luggage Cart with Wheels, you can BYOLC (bring your own luggage cart). This portable option is lightweight at just four pounds but can hold up to 77 pounds. (You’ll have to do a little math to know if you’re within the weight limits.) The compact folding design means you won’t have to clear out a bunch of space to store it when it’s not in use — just fold it up, bungee it together with the included bungee cord, and slip it into any 18 x 9 storage space, or even store inside your carry-on bag or car trunk until you need to use it. The steel handle adjusts to three heights (15.25 to 37.75 inches), and the two rubber traction wheels make rolling it over carpet or uneven surfaces a cinch. We also love that it can be placed inside your larger suitcase before checking it, attached to your carry-on to bring in the cabin (depending on that suitcase’s size), or stashed under the seat instead. 

It’s a multifunctional travel accessory that has a use beyond just securing a bag to your luggage. 

The bag is not removable or adjustable. 

We’re big fans of products that have more than one use — so, might as well get the ultimate bang for your buck, right? We already love that the original Cincha Travel Belt lets us easily strap our shoulder bag or purse to our wheeled luggage handle, but the Travel Belt Bag adds the versatility and function of an easy-access utility bag to this belt. It can face either direction when used as a luggage connector and can also be worn as a cute crossbody bag once you’re off the plane (so that’s one less thing to pack). No matter how you carry it the most, the interior organization and convenient exterior zippered pouch make it ideal when we want hands-free access to our essentials on travel days, or when we don’t want to be tethered down by a shoulder bag or backpack. It also comes in six different colors, including rotating seasonal shades. Some things to note, however, are that the positioning of the bag on the strap isn’t adjustable, and you can’t remove the bag from the belt. 

It is two backpacks in one, making this a great option for camping treks, or for hikes at your final destination.

Only the smaller, detachable bag will fit under the seat on most aircraft, so you’ll have to count the main bag as your carry-on.

We love a great backpack, especially when it is made from tough, recycled materials that pack down for easy storage. The Osprey Daylite Fairview 55 Travel Pack features a breathable back panel and cushioned straps, but on two separate bags. There’s a larger one (that serves as a carry-on) and a detachable smaller one to use as a personal item, and then as a daypack at your destination. That leaves both hands free for wheeled checked bags as you go. The main, 40-liter bag opens up with a top flap like a suitcase for easy packing, plus there's a handle on the side so you can carry both together briefcase-style, if preferred, or you can carry the 15-liter lockable daypack on your front with the backpack on your back instead. There’s also a similar set — the Farpoint 55 Travel Pack — available for men, too.

This hook strap is compatible with nearly any piece of upright luggage. 

You’ll have to keep weight balance and personal-item height in mind. 

Looking to go hands-free with your laptop bag, tote, or purse while traveling between point A and point B? The Vigaopott Luggage Hook is a quick and simple solution that will keep smaller bags off your back and shoulders by giving them a spot to hang on the side of your wheeled luggage. Just thread the hook strap through your luggage’s grab handle, secure the strap with a quick buckle clip, and then use the built-in coated metal J-hook to hang your personal item. We particularly like this luggage hook because of the Velcro strap that secures the open side of the J-hook to prevent accidental slippage, and because it will work with practically any piece of upright luggage.  However, you’ll want to make sure the item you are hanging doesn’t cause the suitcase to tip forward, and that there’s enough length available to avoid dragging. 

Traveling with a lot of luggage is a balancing act, even beyond just physically working out how to carry everything with your own two hands. You’ll want to take stock of all pieces you intend to bring with you; how much they can hold; how much space they’ll take up (notably what you can bring on board versus what you’ll need to check); and how much the bags weigh once they’re fully packed. We recommend finding the lightest, sturdiest luggage so that it’s easier to carry and move, tough against transport bangs, and can hold more of your items safely. 

Baggage limits and restrictions vary by airline, routing, and fare class. The general rules are that you can carry on up to two bags — one personal item to fit under the seat and one piece of luggage that fits within the size requirements for the overhead bin. Checked luggage usually maxes out at two bags; you may be able to check additional pieces for larger, additional fees, but some airlines limit the overall number of bags per traveler. Know your airline’s rules before packing and showing up at the airport. 

For this story, Katherine Alex Beaven conducted hours of online research, dug around for creative solutions, and fielded suggestions from T+L editors to come up with this list of the best travel products that’ll help you carry more luggage than you have hands. 

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8 Products That Make It Easier to Carry Multiple Suitcases and Bags at the Same Time

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