The 17 Best Jumpsuits of 2024

Get dressed and out the door faster with help from brands like LilySilk, Norma Kamali, and Girlfriend Collective.

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The 17 Best Jumpsuits of 2024

We don’t know about you, but we love anything that saves us time — and that’s why we fill our closets with easy-to-wear jumpsuits that take all the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. They allow you to look like you put a lot of thought into your look (even when you absolutely did not), especially when accessorized properly. Best part is, though, you can even dress them up for formal occasions. But finding one that properly fits — we know the struggle tall and petite folks have — can be a challenge. We tapped a couple of sought-after fashion experts to share their top picks, including how to style them best, for you to easily shop right now.

What We Love: This lightweight, silk fabric jumpsuit will take you everywhere in any season as its gorgeous design drapes over silhouettes in a sophisticated way that’s not too stuffy.

What We Don’t Love: It only comes in two colorways. 

We can say with certainty that this is one of the coolest jumpsuits we’ve seen — and now we understand why celebrities like Anne Hathaway opt for the brand’s soft, silk pieces. The lightweight, breathable fabric feels like you’re wearing a high-end luxurious garment that belongs in a Parisian atelier, and the 100 percent mulberry silk remains nearly wrinkle-free after a long day of wear, too.

The jumpsuit also lends itself to a super versatile look — for every laid-back element it boasts, there’s another thoughtful detail to counter it, such as the jogger-like cuffed legs which are fashioned with buttons, mirroring the dress-shirt-style sleeves up top. Or, take its roomy elastic waist that features ruching to match elegance with practicality. In fact, we’re so head over heels, with the piece that our only wish is for LilySilk to offer a couple of other colors, since these shades lean more toward fall than summer and spring.

Sizes: XS-XXL  | Material: Mulberry silk | Colors: 2

What We Love: Between its extensive size range, stretchy fabric, and versatile color options this jumpsuit was seemingly made for everyone.

What We Don’t Love: The relaxed silhouette can be unflatteringly baggy if you don’t have just the right fit.

Who isn’t influenced to button up a boiler suit after watching the effortlessly cool way celebs like Jennifer Garner and Gigi Hadid wear them? Plus-size blogger Emily Ho says that she, “can't scroll through Instagram without running into someone in this budget-friendly boiler suit.” Because of its five color options and extensive size range, she considers it a  no-brainer decision when seeking a budget-friendly option. It similarly pulls off the utilitarian chic aesthetic with six pockets to store all your lip balms, a tie belt, and a sharp pointed collar. The cotton fabric feels comfortable all day, and the belt will help cinch the waist in a flattering way on all body shapes — that’s particularly important, too, because it looks baggy on small frames, so you might need to size down.

Sizes: 0-30 | Material: Cotton | Colors: 5

What We Love: Simply put, the feathers, strapless neckline, and extended silhouette will make your confidence skyrocket every time you wear this exceptional piece.

What We Don’t Love: The fabric doesn’t have much give. 

We’d put boas on the same moodboard of a glass of bubbly prosecco or sparkly confetti for how celebratory and slightly indulgent they feel — both are made for a dazzling event. (Seriously, just ask Kim Kardashian about wearing one toIn-N-Out.) We love how this jumpsuit incorporates an abbreviated version of the feathered accessory right along the neckline, and it’s easy to see why LA-based model Jennifer Atilémile considers the gorgeous piece worth the splurge.  

The rest of the silhouette speaks for itself — the long pants pool at the bottom to give the impression that your legs go on for miles and its strapless neckline balances the ostrich feathers so that the piece doesn’t look too overdone. And, since the hems are unfinished, it’s easy to tailor them to your perfect length. Sure, this fabric isn’t very stretchy so it may not be best for super long hours of wear, but we think the compliments you’ll receive are well worth a teensy bit of discomfort.

Sizes: 6-14 | Material: Polyester | Colors: 2

What We Love: The high-waisted jumpsuit comes sized specifically for petites, and has a tailored look that complements a range of body types, stretchy fabric, and a flattering square neckline. 

What We Don’t Love: It doesn’t have adjustable straps, so you may still have to take it to the tailor.

Jumpsuits might seem out of the question for petite women — you already have enough trouble finding properly fitting tops and bottoms when they’re not connected. But Still, there are a lot of advantages to wearing one if you find the right style. This one from Maeve, for example, will elongate your legs with its solid colors,  straight-lined seams, and higher waistline.

It also has a shorter 25-inch inseam and a wide leg that won’t swallow up shorter frames (not to mention, the wider opening at the bottom pairs well with heels!).  And, though adjustable straps would be a nice addition to the piece, we do like how they’re thick enough to cover bra straps and provide support for larger chests.  We also appreciate that despite its structured appearance, the breathable, lightweight fabric will stretch in areas you need more room while retaining its tailored, flawless look everywhere else.

Sizes: 00-16 | Inseam: 26 inches | Material: Viscose, linen, cotton, elastane | Colors: 4

What We Love: The jumpsuit has super soft cozy fabric and a relaxed silhouette that allows you to lounge comfortably while its body-skimming fit has endless appeal. 

What We Don’t Love: It runs a little large. 

Hopping on a plane anytime soon? What about heading out for a cup of coffee with your friends? Either way, this jumpsuit from one of Oprah’s favorite Spanx collections will be your most comfortable companion. And it has a cinched waist, elegant keyhole back, and trendy wide leg, so you look good while doing it. What’s more, the keyhole back not only adds a classy touch but, along with the drawstring waist, it makes slipping in and out of the jumpsuit a breeze for less time-consuming bathroom moments (IYKYK).

LA-based design consultant Danielle Williams-Eke raves about the piece citing her love for the five neutral colorways and adding that, for her, the magic lies in its fabric. “The lightweight 4-way stretch knit jersey gives ultimate comfort while providing a chic tailored fit,” she adds, although that said, you may want to size it down since it does run slightly large.  

Sizes: XS-3X  | Material: Modal, polyester, elastane | Colors: 5

What We Love: The asymmetrical neckline, statement sleeve, and jewel-toned colorways are standout features that set this jumpsuit apart from your run-of-the-mill formal attire.

What We Don’t Love: You have to dry clean it.

The dream: Getting ready for an event and not thinking about what you have to wear. Well, consider that a reality because Ramy Brook, a suggestion from Williams-Eke, took all the guesswork out of the equation. The stunning, jewel-toned jumpsuit showcases your best attributes, such as the asymmetrical neckline, for example, which creates a dramatic statement while drawing attention to the rest of your silhouette.

It also accentuates the waistline with a knotted ornamentation that sits right underneath the show-stopping, billowing extended butterfly sleeve. All that’s left for you to do is slip into a pair of strappy heels and grab a miniature clutch and suddenly you, and your outfit, are the subject of every cocktail conversation. After the night is over, you will have to dry clean it (or gently hand wash), but it’ll be worth it for how many compliments you’re sure to get.

Sizes: 0-16 | Material: Polyester | Colors: 4

What We Love: Between its breathable fabric, relaxed silhouette, and flattering wide leg there are about a zillion ways to wear the piece.

What We Don’t Love: The long straps give way to a plunging neckline on some frames.

Not to go against fashion gospel, but maybe everyone doesn’t need an LBD. That is, as long as they have an LBJ like this one in their wardrobe. Celebrity stylist Katie Bofshever swears by its super stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabric. “I bought a version of this Norma Kamali jumpsuit when I was pregnant and wore it all throughout my pregnancy and beyond,” she adds. 

In addition to the breezy fabric, the slinky straps are thin enough to be layered with a blazer or a thin turtleneck, which is a good thing considering the straps are a little long and may make the neckline too plunging to be work appropriate. On another note, we love how the open leg is wide enough to complement a variety of shoes from your chunkiest fall boots to your slinkiest summer sandals.  

Sizes: XS-L | Material: Jersey | Colors: 1

What We Love: You’ll already feel extremely powerful when you step into this tuxedo-style jumpsuit, but the white hue makes it even more of a standout design.

What We Don’t Love: It’s dry clean only, which is a bit of a tough sell for a color that’s already prone to stains. 

“For an upscale, more elevated style, this Karen Millen Sheer Sleeve Tuxedo Wrap Jumpsuit is a winner,” says Ho, and we have to agree. I mean, we know Scandal has been off the air for a while now, but we imagine Kerry Washington would return to the screen to strut around D.C. one last time in this white power suit. 

The lapels and cuffed sleeves give it an edge that’ll amp up your confidence, and we like how these design choices play well with more feminine elements like a side-tie belt and fitted silhouette. We might swap our trusty work totes for a briefcase while wearing it just to complete the corporate look, but if Meghan Markle in Suits isn’t your fashion inspo, it’s easy to dress down with some low kitten heels and a mini shoulder bag.

Our one wish is that we could just stick it in the wash when the white will inevitably start to show signs of dirt or coffee spills, but since it’s dry clean only, we’ll have to take extra care to watch where we wear it. 

Sizes: 2-12 | Material: Viscose, polyester | Colors: 2

What We Love: Tall shoppers can take a walk on the wild side without having to downgrade their heel height to strut in this funky jumpsuit comfortably. 

What We Don’t Love: The statement print might limit the number of times you can wear it.

Cropped cuts have their time and place but our skin crawls when we sit down and our pant legs shoot up to our mid-calves — a feeling those about 5’8” are all too familiar with (hi, that’s us). ASOS is always our first option to avoid this mistake because they carry an extensive range of tall sizes, and this jumpsuit in particular really caught our attention.

We know, the wild animal print might not be an everyday option, but why not follow in Zendaya’s footsteps and try something bold? Plus, since it comes in a neutral brown colorway there are plenty of things you can pair with it to extend its number of wears, like layering different colored tees and turtlenecks underneath or cuffing the sleeves to showcase accessories such as silver or gold-toned watches and bracelets. 

Another facet that earned it a spot on our list is the wider collar. It points outward for a dress-shirt adjacent top that disguises the true price tag and makes it appear more expensive than it is. Also, we like how discreet the side pockets and belt loops are so all the focus can turn toward the streamlined silhouette. 

Sizes: 0-16 | Material: Cotton, lyocell | Colors: 1

What We Love: Aside from traditional blue, this denim jumpsuit comes in a variety of colors and is a little stretchy so you can lounge around in it all day and still look stylish.

What We Don’t Love: It runs small. 

We sincerely hope the double-denim look never goes out of fashion, and though we’ve stolen plenty of creative ways to put our own spin on the Canadian Tuxedo from the likes of Dakota Johnson, none are as seamless as pulling on this jumpsuit. The exposed seams and long zipper closure might make it seem like you’re ready to wheel out from under a car, wrench in hand, at any moment, but the workwear elements are elevated in the impeccable design.

In addition to thoughtful details like snaps at the waist, the fabric also hugs your body right down to the slightly tapered ankle for an added bit of va va voom. However, its cotton and elastane fabric has plenty of give and feel so soft you may as well be strutting in a sweat set. Since the fabric is stretchy it’ll mold to hug different areas of the body better, which is a huge win when you’re trying to find one size that flatters your top and bottom halves, but keep in mind that it still runs small so consider sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

Sizes: XS-XL | Material: Cotton, modal, elastane | Colors: 6

What We Love: DVF offers the classic print in a muted neutral color for a design that catches your attention but isn’t so busy it’ll compete with your other accessories. 

What We Don’t Love: The fabric might show underwear lines.

We hope you’re ready to head down to Studio 54 because, in the best way possible, everything about this jumpsuit, from its flared legs to the pointed collar, is begging for a ‘70s reboot. But, don’t worry, if you like Postmates and streaming services, there are plenty of added elements that give this a contemporary feel. 

Case in point: The timeless, mosaic-esque print that transcends any decade and, in the brown hue, is bold enough to get noticed without feeling so overwhelming you couldn’t keep it as a staple in your outfit rotation for the office. However, don’t shy away from the deep blue shade which features a funky geometric print that’s a true call back to many of the brand’s beloved dresses. 

Additionally, Williams-Eke says that the piece “can easily transition from day to night with the switch of a shoe and accessories,” like, say, if you swapped out a pair of black pumps and silver studs with some large gold hoops and a thick wedge. The belt makes the jumpsuit even more customizable as you can tie it in the back to show off your silhouette or in a knot at the side for a classic wrap dress style. 

The breathable spandex fabric skims your body, but doesn’t feel too tight and allows for plenty of movement to do the hustle or book it to your board meeting. One suggestion: It could be a good idea to invest in a pair of Spanx because this fabric tends to show the lines of whatever you wear underneath.

Sizes: XXS-XL | Material: Viscose, spandex | Colors: 2

What We Love: A twisted take on their original unitard, Girlfriend Collective uses recycled materials to construct this jumpsuit and offers it in two different inseams. 

What We Don’t Love: The top and bottom fit differently, making it hard to find the right size.

We were hesitant to jump on the unitard trend because it brought up bad memories from our uncoordinated dance classes as tweens, but after seeing Ariana Grande rock a similar one from Girlfriend Collective we had to give it a whirl. This version features a twisted detail at the torso exposing your midriff for a cropped, flirtatious look, adding a little more excitement to the overall piece.

Sure, the built-in bra and compression-fit fabric will carry you seamlessly through every yoga class or hiking adventure, but we’re most intrigued with how you can wear it outside the gym. Atilémile suggests styling it with “sneakers, an 80s-style sock, and a button-down shirt or Birkenstocks,” while you’re grocery shopping or running errands. And, since it comes in four neutral colors you really can’t go wrong choosing a shade that’ll serve as a blank canvas for whatever you layer over it.

One pain point you may experience is finding the right size as the top seems to run a little larger than the bottom half, but luckily the brand carries an extensive size range so you should be able to find one for your body type.

Sizes: XS-6XL | Material: Recycled plastic bottles (RPET), spandex | Colors: 4

What We Love: The shorter version of Dickie’s classic coveralls has all the same design qualities we love about the utilitarian look, but now it comes in an adorable length perfect for warmer weather.

What We Don’t Love: We wish the inseam was extended for our friends with longer torsos. 

We’re almost out of stationary with the number of love letters we’ve written to Dickies — we mean, if a brand can capture the attention of everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Jenna Ortega, they must be doing something right. We tried these adorable shortalls for ourselves and can confidently say they’re one of our favorite pieces we own. 

The shorter length is blanched with more mature elements like an off-white colorway, exposed metal zipper, and straight collar, so we didn’t feel like a toddler while wearing the one-piece. What’s even better is that its lightweight cotton kept us cool throughout the massive summer heat waves as we were able to jump on subway trains and skirt around town without needing to use scissors to peel it off at the end of the day. Not to mention it has an elastic waistband for supreme comfort.

The length also seemed to hit the sweet spot of being short enough to not look awkward, but not to the point where we felt nervous when bending over. We just hope Dickie’s will consider making a version with a slightly longer inseam because we worry the bottom half could feel tight on those with longer torsos. 

Sizes: XXS-XL | Material: Cotton Twill | Colors: 2

What We Love: You’ll feel like a present-day disco star shimming in the wide legs and sparkly print. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s pretty long and may drag on the floor.

Fashion mavens like Emily Ratajkowski, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber keep halter neck tops popular in this decade, but we like how this jumpsuit fully embraces the era this style peaked with its ‘70s-esque vibes. The super wide leg is practically begging you to add some Elton John-approved platforms, (which, you may have to, considering this is a pretty long jumpsuit) and its sparkles will rival any disco ball you’re dancing under.

And, sure, it's quite glittery, but we like how the muted yellow hue and relaxed silhouette make it casual enough that you could easily dress it down and wear it during daytime activities as well. Plus, in addition to all the fun, it showcases a couple of practical design elements as well like adjustable straps and a comfortable, stretchy elastic back. 

Sizes: S-XXXL | Material: Polyester, metallized fiber, elastane | Colors: 1

What We Love: The drapey fabric gives this silhouette a gorgeous flow as you move, and its curved, strapless neckline is a different take on the expected straight-across style.

What We Don’t Love: We worry the bust may not provide enough support to larger chests.

Strapless tops have so much going for them: You can add any number of accessories, and they pair nicely with a wide range of outerwear from cropped jackets to wispy shawls. However, per usual Reformation takes it up a notch by designing this one with a curved neckline, as opposed to a straight across one, that drops lower in the back for an added, flirty wink. And, the fabric is another applaudable choice by Reformation as it’s slightly drapey so that when you walk the piece becomes an extension of your movements, swishing with you instead of staying rigid in one place.

The jumpsuit has two additional features, a universal black hue and wide leg, that set it up for success as your most reached-for piece. To further enhance the jumpsuit, Atilémile says, “I would style it with a statement belt and a kitten heel and you’ve got a sexy date night outfit.”

All in all, we’re pretty impressed, but we’d like to see some internal boning added to the bustline in case people with larger chests need more support. 

Sizes: 0-12 | Material: Viscose, rayon | Colors: 1

What We Love: The balloon-leg silhouette adds interest to your traditional wide-leg pant.

What We Don’t Love: We’d like it better if one of the exposed seams didn’t run down the middle.

Since so many jumpsuits have a wide leg (when it works, it works, right?) we wanted to show off something that’s a bit different from Free People. We’re impressed with its silhouette, which contains elastic at the legs to give the appearance of a jogger-like hem, but they still have ample room so the entire jumpsuit emanates an unbothered feel. Additionally, there are several ties on the side of the jumpsuit and in the back, so you can adjust the fit to keep it from looking too baggy.

Still, it checks off even more boxes on our wish list by offering the jumpsuit in dreamy soft colorways like petal pink and sky blue and having an open back and high waist to create a canvas for some exciting layering opportunities.  The exposed seams are another added touch that gives it a relaxed feel ideal for beach days and park picnics, we just wish the one running between the legs was a little less noticeable.

Sizes: XS-XL | Material: Cotton | Colors: 4

What We Love: From its polished appearance, you could never tell that this is one of the most comfortable jumpsuits you’ll own. 

What We Don’t Love: The empire waist sits slightly high and could look awkward on shorter torsos. 

This jumpsuit sort of snuck up on us — at first we glanced over its classic silhouette in favor of something bolder, until then we tried it on and suddenly questioned how we ever lived without it. The fabric is soft, similar to a lounge set, but stays crisp after long hours of wear. So, when we swapped our heels for white new balances we were dressed appropriately for a casual happy hour and no one could tell we had just spent eight hours hunched over in an office. 

On that same note, the wide leg went with every shoe we owned, and its pockets, removable belt, and short sleeves were a couple of other parts of the jumpsuit that made it super versatile. Additionally, the split neck is interesting enough on its own, but we liked layering delicate gold jewelry with it for our more formal occasions.

And, although high-waisted pants are generally flattering, this one sits exceptionally further up on the stomach area and we worry might not have the same streamlined effect for our friends with shorter torsos as it does on us. Hopefully, Kate Spade will consider offering it a Petites size soon.

Sizes: XXS-XL | Material: Viscose, elastane, polyamide | Colors: 1

Atilémile says she often opts for something structured and durable such as denim or linen, but there are a lot of different options depending on where and how you’ll be wearing the jumpsuit. 

For example, linen and silk are lightweight and won’t feel claustrophobic in warmer temperatures. Meanwhile, Bofshever says wool, crepe, denim, or a thick jersey are less likely to wrinkle and may hold up longer. 

Additionally, Ho says that “as a plus size person, I personally prefer a fabric that has stretch for extra comfort and ease, but also that isn't too stretchy or thin that can stretch out over the day.” She previously recommended the Universal Thread Women's Short Sleeve Button-Front Boilersuit which features a breathable, all-cotton blend fabric. 

The one hassle with having your top and bottom articles of clothing connected is that we’re often different sizes in each. The key to getting your best fit is finding a jumpsuit with the right inseam for your body type. You can measure yours by starting at the top of your thigh and going down to your ankle. Your heel height, the cut of the hem, and where you prefer the jumpsuit to hit — cropped, right at the ankle, or slightly pooling at the floor — can also play a role in your decision. However, generally, petite shoppers should look for inseams 23- to 25-inch, standard wearers can stick between 26-inch and 29-inch, and anyone taller than five-foot-nine would want something between 30.5-inch and 33.5”-inch.  

“What I think is equally or even more important than fabric is how easy it is to get on and off,” says Ho, adding that, “no one loves feeling trapped in an outfit, nor do you always want to take a friend to the restroom with you.” Where some styles are easy to slip in and out of, especially if they have an elastic waistband like the Dickie’s Vale Shortalls or soft, stretchy material, such as Spanx AirEssentials Jumpsuit, more form-fitting options, and ones with tons of buttons can be a nightmare to deal with. So, Ho suggests looking for zippers on the side or back to help yourself step out of more structured or slim-cut jumpsuits.

Not to be confused with a pantsuit, a jumpsuit is one item of clothing that connects the top with a pant at the waist. “They're great because it's a full look contained in a single piece, but less common than a dress,” says Ho, who adds that jumpsuits are “ideal for achieving a cohesive look without much effort.” 

It’s really the dealer’s choice — jumpsuits work with all types of shoes whether you slip into flip-flops while wearing a more casual, less structured fabric or fasten your slinkiest stilettos to match a silky, formal piece. One aspect you may want to consider, however, is the type of leg on the jumpsuit, says Bofshever. “I like to wear a sneaker or a platform with a wide-leg style or a pump if the jumpsuit has a more tapered leg,” she says.

Additionally, as with all bottoms, Ho reminds us that you don’t want the shoe to interfere with the desired hem length.  “If you have a dressier wide-leg jumpsuit, you will want to wear shoes where the hem falls to just slightly above the floor so you have the intended drape, without the risk of stepping on your hem and tripping,” she says. Meanwhile, if you still find the jumpsuit is dragging on the floor even in your tallest wedges it’s probably best to bring it to the tailor, and if it’s too short, Ho suggests simply lowering your heel height.

Great news: You don’t have to — the beauty of a jumpsuit is that it’s already styled for you. However, if you want to add a little more pizzazz, Williams-Eke suggests buckling a statement belt and throwing on a structured blazer. 

On that note, what you wear over your blazer depends on a couple of factors, like the silhouette. “If it's sleeveless or strapless, I’ll often throw a blazer or leather jacket over my shoulders,” says Bofshever, who tells us that a knit sweater also works or you can tie something around your waist. If it has sleeves and you still need an extra layer, she suggests reaching for a longer coat.

Another thing to consider is functionality, says Ho, telling us that “It takes a little extra work to get in and out of some jumpsuits, and adding something on top adds another layer you need to remove in order to then remove the jumpsuit.” She suggests wearing anything that is a button-down like boyfriend blazers, cardigans, oversized button-downs, painters jackets, and denim jackets. 

Irene Richardson is a writer covering fashion and beauty for InStyle. For this story, she researched dozens of jumpsuits, tested several on this list, read reviews, and consulted four experts in the fashion industry — Danielle Williams-Eke, Katie Bofshever,  Emily Ho, and  Jennifer Atilémile.

The 17 Best Jumpsuits of 2024

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