Network operator Ausgrid has installed what it says is the country’s first pole-mounted electric vehicle charger for “long dwell” charging sessions in the city of Newcastle. It could be the first of 30,000 such chargers spread across its network.

The 22kW AC charger has been installed by EVX as part of a joint deal between Ausgrid and the City of Newcastle and is located in the beach side suburb of Merewether. 16A EV Charging Pile

Ausgrid plans up to 30,000 pole-mounted "long dwell" EV charging points

“Long dwell” charging is a term to describe charging sessions that take one to two hours, and the charger has been deliberately located next to cafes, parks and the beach.

The charger – like the others planned for the network – is built on pre-existing utility poles, meaning the above-ground charging points can be added easily without major works, and less disruption to surrounding communities.

The move, announced on Tuesday, is part of a broader Ausgrid plan to deliver up to 30,000 pole-mounted EV chargers across its network by 2029.

“We are incredibly excited to be delivering this innovative Australian first with the City of Newcastle and EVX,” Ausgrid CEO Richard Gross said.

“These pole-mounted chargers will help to address EV accessibility by providing chargers for people without home systems, and those traveling outside of their local areas.

“We believe it is our role as the electricity distributor to seek opportunities to help deliver innovative technologies for our customers, and we’re excited to continue rolling out this program across our network.” 

EVX CEO Andrew Forster said EV ownership might be on the rise, but many communities are at risk of being excluded because of limited access to charging infrastructure.

Ausgrid plans up to 30,000 pole-mounted "long dwell" EV charging points

EV Charging Stack “We hope that other councils take note of how they can help EV drivers charge their vehicles more conveniently while doing their bit towards the goal of decarbonising the planet.”