KraussMaffei to debut China-built all-electric at Chinaplas

Production at Sanming and stock machine program will ensure short delivery times and prompt service.

KraussMaffei is going to debut a locally produced all-electric injection molding machine at Chinaplas 2019 in Guangzhou (May 21 to 24). The new all-electric PX Agile is being manufactured at the company’s new Sanming location in Fujian Province in accordance with the global quality standards of KraussMaffei. Plastic Injection Cup Mold

KraussMaffei to debut China-built all-electric at Chinaplas

The new all-electric PX Agile combines the German quality of the proven all-electric PX injection molding machine series from KraussMaffei with Chinese agility as it is manufactured quickly and inexpensively at KraussMaffei Sanming.

Striking surface effects taking shape on the PX Agile 80 with its inductive Dynamic Mold Heating (DMH) technology.

"The new PX Agile is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers in China. Both up-and-coming small and medium-size companies and established large companies increasingly request short response and delivery times in order to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the market. Furthermore, low investment costs and easy operability of the machines are in demand," explains Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment of KraussMaffei Group.

The new PX Agile is produced at the KraussMaffei plant in Sanming in Fujian province in the south-east of China. A special stock machine program makes the delivery of standard machines possible. Machines with additionally ordered options will be available for delivery within four to six weeks. Due to the local production of the PX Agile, the service response times will be very short. The machines will feature configurability for all options, which leads to an easy and fast retrofitting and upgrading. Furthermore, the spare parts availability and response time will meet the requirements of Chinese customers.

“The new PX Agile offers precisely the advantages that dynamic companies in China request—large platens and high performance, which permit varied, flexible application of the machines in production,” says Golz. Furthermore, options for retrofits or upgrades are available for the PX Agile, allowing for a quick and flexible response to changing market conditions.

Customers in China additionally benefit from a user-friendly human-machine interface specially tailored to the requirements of Chinese markets. Easy operation and intuitive programming ensure that the machines are accepted quickly. The flexible sales options are also particularly attractive. They include a free trial phase and short- and long-term leasing plans with flexible payment plans.

The new PX Agile features a German DNA that meets the highest quality standards and is based on decades of experience gathered at KraussMaffei’s Munich headquarters. For example, this includes expertise in the design of the plasticizing unit, which corresponds to the established PX series from Germany. In addition, production of the PX Agile in Sanming observes the global quality standards of KraussMaffei, supported by cutting-edge programs in control and validation systems.

The new PX Agile is reportedly ideal for standard applications, for example for technical components, electric and electronic devices and for the automotive, packaging and medical industries.

KraussMaffei will launch the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160 machines at Chinaplas with clamping forces of 800 or 1600 kN, respectively. Both exhibits demonstrate the advantages of the new PX Agile series: stability, precision, short cycle times and maximum flexibility for various applications.

Striking surface effects are also achievable on the PX Agile 80 in conjunction with inductive dynamic mold heating (DMH) technology provided by partner Roctool (HD Plastics). The key benefit is that additional film decoration or (secondary) painting becomes obsolete, simplifying things from a technical and financial perspective. Using an example of a TV set top box, KraussMaffei will demonstrate the wide and varied design options of inductive mold heating technology. Different color shading, holograms, gloss or matt effects—can be realized using a one-shot process without the need for additional post-mold processing.

Precision, fast cycle times and high component quality are another features of the new PX Agile 160, which will produce a typical medical application at Chinaplas—pipette tips taking shape in a 32-cavity mold.

Both machines on show at Chinaplas, the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160, will be equipped with the new LRX Agile from KraussMaffei. The new linear robot series is also produced at the KraussMaffei plant in Sanming, offering short delivery times and an attractive price and performance ratio for customers in China. The new LRX Agile represents an efficient solution for simple pick-and-place applications and is suitable for all injection molding machines. Further, three different programming levels ensure an easy and quick start, even for beginners.

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KraussMaffei to debut China-built all-electric at Chinaplas

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